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Last night

Have you ever felt the type of love that makes you light-headed every time that person touches you, kisses you or even looks at you?  Well, I get that feeling now.  I honestly have never experienced this before in my life.

Yes, I have been in love before, but for all the wrong reasons.  I have been in love with someone who took advantage of me. I am a nice person, maybe too nice at times.  I do not like confrontations or to argue, and that is possibly why I was taken advantage of.  I bend over backwards to please people and I am going to keep it real, I believe I do this for people’s approval.  I do what I have done so no one becomes angry with me. 

I am now spending my time now with someone who makes me look at my life and love differently.  He makes me feel special…extraordinary even.  Our conversations are endless because he is such a deep individual.  He is completely honest with me, and has been that way from day one. 

We do not consider ourselves to be in a relationship at this moment, but we both have determined that we are more than friends. 

I am so used to rushing into a relationship and having it blow up in my face.   I was in an almost 8 year relationship that was full of love at first then turmoil as each year passed.  I believe I did not give my self a chance to really get to know this person.  For almost 8 years he told me himself that he had never been faithful to me. 

As soon as I got out of that relationship I jumped right into another one with someone who I knew from high-school.  I know he only came along for the season.  He helped me to get over my bad break-up.  He at first made me very happy, I believe I was only in this relationship because I enjoyed the comfort of having a mate.  I also did not get to know him.  When he finally did show his true colors I was completely upset with myself for rushing into something so quickly.

I did not give myself a chance to breathe.

After ending the relationship I finally had a chance to enjoy time with friends I had cancelled outings with.  I had a chance to save money, because being in that relationship ate up my pockets to say the least. 

Now, I am taking the time to get to know someone who is worth getting to know.  I have exhaled because I know God sent this person to me for a reason.  Even if I do not end up in a relationship with this person, I know that I will always want him in my life as a friend and confidant.

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